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Yews in the Diocese of Bath and Wells

Ancient or Veteran yews are found at 71 churchyard sites in the Diocese of Bath and Wells

Ancient yews are found at the following locations:

Ashbrittle   420kb    
Bicknoller   290kb
Chilcompton   220kb   
Combe Florey   150kb    
Compton Dundon   180kb
Dinder   190kb  
Dunster   190kb           
Elworthy   260kb   
Kingston St Mary   205kb
Kingstone   320kb  
West Monkton       275kb
Withycombe   245kb    

Veteran yews (likely to be 500 years +) are found at the following locations:   

Angersleigh  160kb
Ash Priors   105kb             
Ashill   105kb         
Broomfield   220kb                        
Burrington   225kb                     
Castle Cary   290kb                
Chapel Allerton   300kb             
Chewton Mendip   125kb
Churchill     290kb                      
Churchstanton    145kb
Creech St Michael   275kb   
Cutcombe    125kb
Dinnington   140kb   
Dunkerton   220kb
East Chinnock   100kb              
East Woodlands   360kb
Enmore   310kb                       
Freshford   130kb                        
Keinton Mandeville   200kb
Middle Chinnock   150kb   
North Perrott   270kb                   
North Stoke   180kb
Norton sub Hamdon    180kb
Odcombe   205kb                       
Pilton   250kb                               
Pitney    140kb
Porlock   325kb                            
Portbury   625kb
Priston   70kb                            
Seavington St Mary  110kb  
South Brewham     250kb        
South Petherton   220kb   
Stocklinch Ottersey   210kb          
Stoke Trister    160kb
Ston Easton   400kb               
Tellisford    125kb
Tickenham   200kb      
West Chinnock   170kb            
West Coker    150kb
West Pennard   300kb             
Westbury sub Mendip     240kb    
Whitelackington         275kb   
Winscombe      250kb                               
Woolley   160kb
Woolverton       130kb
Wooton Courtney   170kb  
Wraxall   190kb  

Veteran yews (because of their condition) are found at the following locations:

Batcombe    170kb  
Bathampton   120kb    
Christon     140kb
Dodington     170kb 
Loxton       120kb
Lyng - (East Lyng)     100kb
Nailsea      300kb
North Cadbury     120kb
Norton Malreward         155kb
Stanton Prior    150kb
Staple Fitzpaine    145kb
Timberscombe        150kb
Wembdon  120kb

List of the Ancient and Veteran Yews in the diocese of Bath and Wells -September 2013 


Lost Yews from the Diocese of Bath and Wells  - Tim Hills - January 2014