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Kingley Vale

Kingley Vale - Peter Norton - (PDF) 2.53Mb
(March 2012)

Kingley Vale - more yew discoveries - an addendum to the original survey - Peter Norton  (PDF 440Kb)
(March 2014)

Old Taxus Baccata specimens at Kingley Vale near Chichester - Toby Hindson
An investigation into the growth rates of large yews, made possible by Peter Norton's survey 
(May 2012)

Eibenfreunde visit Kingley Vale (PDF) 335Kb
An English translation by Wim Peeters of the Eibenfreunde vist to Kingley Vale in 2006. This was part of their 10 day excursion to visit important yew sites in southern England. The account was first published in Der Eibenfreund 2007.




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