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Tree ID: 4308

Yews recorded: Ancient 4m-5m

Tree girth: 412cm

Girth height: at 90cm

Tree sex: unspecified

Date of visit: 11-Feb-13

Source of earliest mention: 1986: Trees of Shropshire-Andrew Morton


In a hedgerow north of Easthope village at SO5646495709 – Ancient Tree Hunt 112226. Described by Rob McBride as having decaying wood in the crown and on the ground, having holes or water pockets and a hollowing trunk.

Yew trees at Easthope:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
4307 Easthope Ancient 4m-5m 499cm at 50cm - view more info
4308 Easthope Ancient 4m-5m 412cm at 90cm - view more info
4306 Easthope Ancient 4m-5m 402cm at 90cm - view more info