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Fountains Abbey

Tree ID: 774

Yews recorded: Ancient 4m-5m

Tree girth: No data

Girth height: fallen tree

Tree sex: unspecified

Date of visit: 15-Jun-02

Source of earliest mention: 1658: The Yew-Trees of Britain and Ireland (1897) John Lowe


A fallen tree, but with much new healthy growth. It is very close to a building. The metal prop appears to have become more bent between 2008 and 2010, and raises the question of whether such a significant tree should be propped in a more professional manner, or be allowed to gently lower itself to the ground. Note also the mesh nailed over the cavity.

Yew trees at Fountains Abbey:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
773 Fountains Abbey Ancient 5m-7m 663cm at 30cm - view more info
774 Fountains Abbey Ancient 4m-5m No data available - view more info
171 Fountains Abbey Lost No data available - view more info