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La Haye- Aubree

Tree ID: 3558

Yews recorded: Ancient 5m-7m

Tree girth: 521cm

Girth height: at 30cm

Tree sex: unspecified

Date of visit: 16-Jul-18

Source of earliest mention: 2011: www.monumentaltrees.com


The smaller of the yews is male and grows NW of the church. It is a solid tree, very fluted and with many roots visible. It is multi-branched above a height of about 5m. Bark was extremely flaky. There were no signs of hollowing, though one hole at the base shows that there are hollows within the tree. Girths recorded were 5.21m at 30cm above the highest ground with a horizontal tape, and 5.22m at 1m.

Yew trees at La Haye- Aubree:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
3565 La Haye- Aubree Ancient 5m-7m 586cm at 30cm - view more info
3558 La Haye- Aubree Ancient 5m-7m 521cm at 30cm - view more info